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The Consequence of Sounds

Self-devised solo work-in-progress dance-comedy work exploring verbal and non-verbal communication. Cambridge Junction Troop Short scratchings 2023.


The Nutcracker 

Moxie Brawl, Cambridge Junction, December 2022

Presented by Moxie Brawl and Cambridge Junction 

Photo Credit - Rosie Powell

Performers - Sarah Blanc, James Harty, Sophie Halstead, Laura Edwards Emilie Sands


Nocturnal Creatures

The Garden of Floating Words by Elisa Artesero In partnership with Whitechapel Gallery for Sculpture in the City 2022

Image description: Dancers Emmy Lahouel and Laura Edwards performing in the street, Musician Alan Keary is in the background playing instruments.

Nocturnal Creatures - Sculpture in the City

Photo Credit: Elisa Artesero

moonlight .jpg

Kill a Witch or Die Tryin'

Meraki Collective, 2019

Commissioned by Unity Theatre as part of Physical fest ’19, and Waterside arts centre, Sale, for the Making Waves bursary ’19.


​"A terrifically shattering experience." ★★★★ 

Liverpool Sound & Vision


"a beautiful fairy tale, a frightening horror, a witty comedy and complex and thought provoking analysis of women yesterday, today and tomorrow" ★★★★ 

North West End 

Photo Credits: Ingrid Turner Photography (Image 1) Andrew Ness Photography 

2022-01-25 (5).png

Only Speak When Spoken To 

Meraki Collective, 2017-2018

Commissioned by HOME for PUSH festival 2018 and Supported by Arts Council England

2022-01-25 (7).png

"is witty, surprising and fun it is also underpinned by clever choreography, expert attention to detail and a sense of timing that encompasses both sequences of synchronised movement and some nicely judged comic interplay." -Circles&Stalls 

Altru Drama


Victoria Baths, 2015

GALA is an immersive theatre experience in the bottom of the empty female 2nd class swimming pool to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Victoria Baths, consisting of: poetry, dance, live music, and voice recordings of people’s memories of the baths.

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