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Moving Compositions workshops are aimed at individuals who would like to deepen their curiosity for movement.

Playful and energetic guided workshop where we practice a range of tools for creating movement spontaneously. We practice connecting to ourselves, to the others in the space and the room. We expand our curiosity for movement by utilising our imagination, playing with associations, and practise finding and shaping narrative as we move.

We work in solo, duet and as a group.

The purpose of this practice is to build our capacity to be present with ourselves and the world around us, supporting a more connected and cohesive society!


It is an inclusive practice without any preconceived expectations on experience or ability. Instead, we work with whatever the individual brings to the room, and offer a container to express one's unique self.

When? 11:00-1pm
June 16th, July 14th, August 18th, Sept 15th, Oct 13th,

Nov 10th, Dec 15th

St Augustine's Church & community centre, Richmond Road

How much?


Advance booking essential

(Please confirm your booking via the email button below)

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